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Have you ever thought that a simple ice cream can become a reason of a real nightmare? Well, nobody ever thinks about ...
Are you stuck with your rescue mission in Ice Cream? Well, then we have a helpful tool for you – this is a set of cool ...
One of the best horror stories of the latest time is at your disposal. We have something really special for you - a ...
A really thrilling and truly extreme horror game Ice Cream will make you shiver from fear. This is a quest and a ...
A nice and calm day didn’t seem to be ruined by anything. Your weekend was as bright as always – you and your friend ...
There is an enigmatic house standing in the woods that draws you like a magnet. Nobody knows who built it and who it ...
A visit to a circus is supposed to be fun and amusing. But not when you work as a night guard here. This place looks ...
Clown Nights
People love coming up with scary stories. But which of them are fiction and which are true? As a kid, you heard a tale ...
Cabin Horror