Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood Mods

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A nice and calm day didn’t seem to be ruined by anything. Your weekend was as bright as always – you and your friend and neighbor were hanging out, playing, doing funny stuff, and talking. Then you thought that the time has come to have some snack. And how lucky you were to see an ice cream van! Or maybe, not… The idea to get some ice cream was pretty innocent and nothing really scary seemed to be possible. However, the worst thing you could imagine happened! The seller of the ice cream turned to be a monster. You never thought that a friendly and nice man like he can be a real evil maniac. But he is. And you are in his claws now.
The seller took your friend away. He put him in a frozen sleep and you don’t even know if he is still alive. But you hope, he is! There is no time to call for help or search for the adults. You decide that the situation must be solved immediately and you are the one to deal with it. Your courage and dignity is everything you have. No weapons, no helpers. Just you and the pure evil in front. So you enter the van and start your search. The van appears to be strange – it is pretty large and there is a place to walk around here. Strange thing, but actually not the strangest one that you have seen today! During your search, you will always be in danger. The ice cream guy is hiding more children in his car and all of them are potential corps, so if you cannot help them, this will be a real tragedy.
The guy will follow you and try to capture you. The idea to save kids doesn’t seem very nice to him – he actually has some other plans for them. However, you don’t really want to know what are those plans. Maybe, he will just kill them or maybe he is a pervert and uses children to prepare toppings for his ice cream. All in all, you don’t think that he will show them cartoons and tell funny anecdotes, you don’t really believe a guy like that. Make sure that he doesn’t hear and see you – if you catches you, you will join the other victims too soon.