Ice Scream Horror Unblocked

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Is there anything dangerous about buying an ice cream? The question sounds strange, right? You never think that a person inside of the cheerful ice cream van that came to your town to gladden kids might be someone not very nice. He is smiling and laughing, being cute and friendly to you and other kids. Who would suspect that he has some dark thoughts in his head? Nobody, including you and your best friend from the neighborhood, that is why you made your way to an ice cream car and decided to get some. However, your friend is very unlucky – in a moment you saw him in the hands of the seller, who was dragging him in the car. What’s that? Is he kind of a maniac or a killer? That’s a big surprise you didn’t expect.
What is even worse, it seems like this guy is not just a strange maniac, but he has some supernatural powers – he freezes people with his own hands and this is exactly what he has done to your friend. Now he is not moving and you hope that his heart is still beating. But it seems like he won’t stay alive in such a condition for a long period of time, so you cannot lose a minute. Enter the van and find him. However, everything is not that easy – you are not alone in this van. The psycho is here as well and the last thing he wants you to do is getting to close to his secret. You are already close and the time has come to investigate this scariest case in your life. Run away from the ice cream guy and try not to make too much noise – this will help him find you. Solve the puzzles on your way to move forward. Only the successfully resolved tasks will make you closer to the final aim – your poor friend and maybe other frozen children that need to be rescued. You need to stay away from the seller if you don’t want to become his victim as well. If you do, then nobody will ever find you and save you. Good luck and do your best to pass this nightmarish adventure! We bet that you will never eat ice cream again.