Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood 2020

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A really thrilling and truly extreme horror game Ice Cream will make you shiver from fear. This is a quest and a survival mission where you will stand against the hellish ice cream seller who kidnaps children. The plot is pretty horrible – your friend has been stolen by a seller of the ice cream and hidden somewhere in his van. However, the game doesn’t have any scenes of violence and blood – everything is based on the atmosphere here. And this atmosphere is more than gloomy. It is mystical, strange, and blood-chilling. Everything started when you and your funny friend wanted to get a sweet treat – some ice cream. However, the seller that seemed to be so polite, used some kind of a super power to freeze your poor pall. Now he has taken this guy away and hides him somewhere in van.
You need to enter the car and make your own investigation of this horrible case. Find the friend and maybe previous victims of this ice cream psycho, but try not to become one of them as well. This strange figure has a lot of secrets and you will find out about them. During the game, you will solve puzzles and this will help you continue moving forward. You need to trick the ice cream guy when he appears near to you and hide wherever you can to avoid his paws. The game has three different levels of complexity, so you can try your skills! It is creepy and very atmospheric, but due to the fact that there are no really violent and bloody episodes here, even young kids can play Ice Cream horror game. Get in!