Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood 2

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One of the best horror stories of the latest time is at your disposal. We have something really special for you – a game called Ice Cream, a real nightmare that happens with two ordinary kids. The game is full of fantastic twists, incredible mysterious atmosphere and truly breathtaking plot. The main character will have to go through numerous horrors and difficulties to save his friend kidnapped by a monster. This is a seller from the ice cream van, a guy who always seemed cute and friendly to you. He was smiling, telling nice things, and giving you the best and tastiest ice creams you ever had. But this was just a mask that was hiding a real maniac. His car stopped in your town for a while and you along with your cheerful neighbor decided to buy some. But everything went terribly wrong.
The last thing you remember is your friend being completely frozen, taken by the seller of ice cream in the darkness of the van. He is gone now and you have no choice but to go after him. Your task is to find out everything about this strange event, uncover the personality of the ice cream guy, and do everything to save your friend before he dies. The most complicated part here is to avoid being a new victim of this killer. He will do everything to stay covered, so be sure that once he sees you inside of his van, he will understand the reasons you are here. To stay unnoticed and keep his crimes in secret, the evil seller will try to freeze you as well and make you a speechless victim along with other kids. The worst thing is that it seems like he has supernatural powers, which means that he is not really a human being. The enemy is strong, smart, and very sensitive – he will hear you making steps inside of the van and will follow you. Any time you believe that he is somewhere behind you – hide. There are niches and tables in the van, so you can use them as a shelter and stay there until he leaves. Don’t make any sounds and try not to breathe! Your life and the lives of other children are now in your hands, so the responsibility is really enormous. You cannot make a mistake! Are you smart and cunning enough to outplay this horrible man? Will you manage to leave this place alive and save your chubby friend? Hopefully, you can do that.