Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood

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Have you ever thought that a simple ice cream can become a reason of a real nightmare? Well, nobody ever thinks about things like that. When a child sees a van with ice cream, he simply runs there and gets the most favorite one. Delicious treats cannot be associated with something bad. The worst thing you can imagine is that your throat will ache after you eat too much ice cream. The seller in side of the van is a nice guy – he suggests the best tastes you should try, being so polite and friendly to you. How can someone that cheerful be… a maniac? Unfortunately, the worst scenario is already unwrapping itself and you are in the middle of a horror now. So the story begins – a seller of the best ice cream in the world, a nice guy with a charming smile on his face becomes your enemy and a cruel torturer.
He kidnaps your friend and you can see him frozen. As the seller sees that you have noticed what he has done, he hurries up and tries to hide inside of the ice cream car. However, that’s too late! And he is unlucky that you are so courageous little boy. You have no fear and decide to enter the dangerous van, where your friend is hidden. You suppose that this is not the first child stolen and expect that a van will be full of poor victims, but it is not that easy to find them and bring them back home. You are all alone here, you don’t have weapons or anything else to defend yourself, so the dangerous chase starts here. Once you enter the van and the door closes behind your back, there is no way you can return. The mission starts and you will have to pass through horrors, challenges, and difficulties for the sake of the stolen children and yourself.
In the game, you will try to approach to the place where the kids are hidden. To do so, you will have to accomplish two things: don’t get caught by the seller of the ice cream and solve all the puzzles that will be given to you. The puzzles successfully solved will let you move further, discovering new places and finding new facts about the seller and his story. You will learn what is happening here and why. But he doesn’t really want to you know anything, so make sure that you keep yourself away from this guy. He hears you and will come if you make a slightest noise. Avoid meeting your enemy at all costs and try to pass the levels of the game fast. You need to hide and be smarter than your enemy – this will lead you to victory. Good luck and try to survive!