Ice Scream 2

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If you played the first part of Ice Scream, you remember the antagonist of the game, a highly dangerous and totally insane serial killer selling sweet treats to the whole street with a broad smile – only to stalk one of the regulars when they’re all alone, pull them into the van and lock them inside. As you already know, he doesn’t kill his victims immediately, so there is still time for a rescue operation. And you are going to start another one right now!

This time the wicked ice cream man kidnapped your friend Charlie. The poor fellow loved to indulge his sweet tooth so much! You are the only one who saw this happen, so nobody can help him now except you. The mission of rescuing him now lies on your shoulders and you should apply all the effort you can to search the neighborhood, discover some evidence and connect them into a threat that will lead you to your lost buddy… before it’s too late!

To cope with this task, you have to explore realistic interactive locations with clues scattered all around. Try to pass through them as quietly as possible or the maniac will get alerted to your presence and it won’t be long before he catches you and stuffs your dead body in the fridge together with the other victims. Getting familiar with the surrounding environment, you can find different objects and use them to save Charlie. Of course, there won’t be any ready answers and you’ll have to figure out how to do it on your own. The controls are intuitive and convenient, you only need to control your character and press buttons that appear when you get close to any items that may come in handy.

Ice Scream 2 is full of intrigues and horrors. It’s and undoubtedly thrilling and fascinating experience. Looking for your friend will be both scary and interesting. Choose your level of difficulty, start playing and see if there is still any chance of getting Charlie home alive… And don’t get into the hands of the evil ice cream man or your number is up!