Ice Scream 6 Friends

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In one of the latest Ice Scream games, the main hero ventures to an old factory where Rod the ice cream man makes his enchanted desserts. It’s there that he took the frozen kids from your street. So you follow him to get them out. The sixth part follows specifically the adventures of Charlie, one of the children who wakes up in the kitchen. You will be able to play both as the main character and Charlie himself, switching between the boys during the passage.

The goal has remained the same – you need to show caution and resourcefulness finding a way out of the factory. And Rod won’t be the only person following you. There will also be other enemies – for instance, the robots he has made. Fortunately, they are not particularly smart, so you will be easily able to fool them. However, the difficulties don’t end there. The whole building is basically a big puzzle. To open doors and get into certain rooms, you will have to solve puzzles and riddles.

On your way, you will also collect bits of information that will shed some light on the personality and past of Rod. It is a scary character who frightens with his mere appearance, not to mention his “ability”. Initially, it may seem strange that people are afraid of the ice cream maker. What can be wrong with ice cream, which is so loved by adults and kids. To understand how dangerous this person can be, it is worth playing Ice Scream 6 Friends!

It will be necessary to deftly run away from the monster, find the declared items, collect everything that is needed to go forward, the future fight against the villain. The found items will be useful only if they will help in a difficult battle only if used correctly. Savvy and logic will save you, they will help you to be at the end of the adventure a winner, a hero and a savior of all children from an evil monster named Rod. Start playing Ice Scream 6 Friends right now and enjoy the latest part of this horror story!