Ice Scream 3

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Everyone loves ice cream, especially in the hot summer when all you can dream of is that sweet vanilla chill. And out of all people, the ice cream man, this kind fellow dressed in white and handing out conefuls of sweet joy, is the last person you would suspect of a gruesome crime. Yet the cause and effect remains undeniable: right after this van appeared in your neighborhood, accompanied by that cheerful tune everyone is familiar with, children started to go missing. Of course, nobody is going to believe you because this whole theory seems so improbable. But you decide to follow the van and pretty soon your efforts are rewarded – you see the ice cream man kidnap Mike, one of the kids living in your street! Where did he take him and what is he going to do with him? Can you still save the boy? That’s what you are about to find out playing Ice Scream 3 online!

Before setting out on that thrilling journey, you should know that the enemy you are standing up against is no ordinary human being. He has a supernatural freezing ability that obviously helps him sell the best ice cream in town – and to deal with his victims. To deal with your mission, it’s not enough to just locate and rescue Mike. You need to discover the source of the freezing power and make sure it’s never used for evil again. This is a task only the most resourceful and fearless players can handle!

You will be solving riddles, collecting evidence, hiding on the enemy’s turf and witnessing sheer horrors. The ice cream man will hear every little sound you make, so try to move as quietly and carefully as you can and stay out of his sight. As long as your opponent isn’t aware that you are on to him, he won’t be suspecting anything and his guards will be down, which gives you more chances of successfully ending your investigation. Move between the locations, search for answers and use various items that will help you achieve your final goal. Unravel the grim story of the ice cream man, follow the captivating plot and enjoy the ominous atmosphere of a true horror. There are several difficulty modes for you to try, each sharpening your enemy’s senses and making it even more challenging to fight against him. Will you be able to beat all of them?