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Are you stuck with your rescue mission in Ice Cream? Well, then we have a helpful tool for you – this is a set of cool cheats that will help you continue playing without a hitch. The cheats will give you hints and solutions to the puzzles provided by the game. You really need to solve them all – if you will fail, the mission won’t be completed. The destiny of you and other kids from the town is in your hands, so you need to solve all the mysteries, one by one, before the ice cream seller catches and freezes you. You don’t want to appear somewhere in the darkness of his car, do you? What is more, you have no idea what are the plans this crazy guy has. Maybe, he is a torturer! In addition, you already know that he has inhumane powers – he can freeze people with his own hands. It seems like his dark soul is so cold that the frost is everywhere.
So the cheats will help you complete the puzzles successfully. The game has a really nice pack of them to offer and most of them are not very simple. They are especially complex when you choose the hardest mode of the game. The complexity levels make playing more challenging – the seller becomes even faster and more smart, while his puzzles are brain wracking. Using these cheats, you will show him that you are a boss here and easily pass all the game levels, gaining victory and finally bringing justice back. So whenever you feel that you are in trouble with the puzzles of Ice Cream horror, just take these hints and the game will become much easier and pleasant.