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Sometimes, the most innocent games and everyday activities can turn into a nightmare and you don’t know when and where this might happen. Even a simple walk to an ice cream car where you want to get a tasty treat can turn out badly. Don’t believe it? Then play this game and become a part of a real horror novel! You will play for one of the kids that were playing in the yard before they heard that an ice cream cab is approaching. As you have seen it million times in the movies, cartoons, and real life – kids cannot do anything but run to the car and get some ice cream there! So the character and his friend do the same – they rush and buy some delicious cold meal. However, something goes terribly wrong.
It was hard to predict that a seller from the ice cream cab is not someone he seems to be. He is a strange guy with a pack of secrets. And these secrets are not very pleasant. It seems like he kidnaps young children and then does something really bad to them. Well, he freezes them to nearly death, can you suggest that he is has something entertaining to do with them? Guess, not. His freezing powers are un-natural – he can do that with his bare hands. That is why production of ice cream is something he does that easily. It seems like he was born to be an ice cream guy. So chances are that your friend is not the first victim of this man and the worst thing is that he must be not the last one. You might become next! You need to enter the car anyway and find your fellow before the guy catches and freezes you as well. This won’t be easy – his ears and eyes are sharp, so he sees you and hears you wherever you are. Will you complete this hard rescue mission and stay unharmed? Can you save the poor children and punish this evil man? You need to do that because nobody else can. Enter the cab now and don’t be afraid of anything. Just stay focused and hide when the guy is somewhere near you. The game is brand new, but we already have a full version uploaded on our site, so enjoy it right now absolutely free of charge! Do it right now and have fun!