Ice Scream: Horror Adventure

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Eating ice cream has never been that dangerous. This is a story about a couple of young boys. They decided to get some ice cream and a disaster happened. The seller turned to be a kidnapper and he took your friend away. Now you have no choice but to get him back! Chances are, that your fellow is not the only victim of this crazy guy, but will you handle this challenge? Can you save the kids and make this nightmare stop? Everything is in your hands. The seller has a number of strange mysterious puzzles for you and you will have to solve them one by one, before you will get closer to your friend and release him from the paws of the pure evil.
Your enemy has supernatural powers – it seems like he made some kind of a spell and now your friend is unconscious and frozen. Like a piece of ice cream. Horrible! The name of this guy is Rod and he seemed to be a pretty nice fellow – he sold ice cream, smiled to you, and talked so politely. Who could say that he is a monster inside? Now you can become his another victim, but you still need to enter the van. Nobody else but you can save your friend. There are so many terrifying discoveries waiting for you here! The game has numerous scenarios to offer and the outcome will depend on your actions and decisions.
The evil seller will follow you everywhere you go, so try to stay unnoticed. If you make a noise, he will come for you. When you feel that he is somewhere near to you, hide right away! Try to get away from his eyes or he will catch you and this will be a catastrophe – poor children will stay frozen in his van and you will join them for sure. Who knows what kind of a horrible death is waiting for you. The salvation mission will be tough and you will have to apply both your speed and intellect. Not only you will hide from this terrible guy, but also you will have to complete his tasks and puzzles, this will move you closer to the aim. Good luck and be very careful – the destiny of your friend depends on you now and you have no right to fail!