Ice Scream 7

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Ice Scream Horror 7 is already coming! It’s is a new game from the famous horror series, so get ready for a new mind-blowing adventure. It’s not just a horror game, it is also a detective story about an ice cream man and his mysterious van. And now it’s going to take a new twist!

It all started unexpectedly. It used to be calm and comfortable on your street until an ice cream car drove up there and the seller kidnapped your neighbor and friend. This incident was noticed by you, therefore it is necessary to act immediately. The mysterious villain not only stole the child, he froze the boy with the help of an unknown force. Now you have to find out where it comes from and what is behind all these antics, because besides the neighbor’s boy there are other kidnapped children.

The dessert seller’s name is Rod, at first glance he is very friendly with the guys, but in fact he has a very insidious plan that will be revealed to you. For now, all you know for sure is that he dragged Charlie into his van. To find out what is happening you have to get into the car, hide in it and find out what could be behind all this. You are going travel between different locations, explore them and solve various riddles at the same time to save your neighbor.

Depending on the difficulty mode you choose, the rules will change. If you prefer normal gameplay, then know that Rod will move at a normal average speed. He will also hear different noises and you will have only three attempts. If you choose the difficulty “ghost”, then Rod will not see you. And if you stay on the “hard” mode, then beware. The ice cream maker will walk fast, you still have three attempts, and he can hear absolutely every movement. So choose a mode in which it will be both comfortable and interesting for you to go through the whole plot. And start enjoying this murky horror story the outcome of which depends on your decisions and actions!