Ice Scream 5

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Investigating kidnappings and murders is incredibly interesting, but also highly risky. You have to be cunning and vigilant, think several steps ahead and be ready to face any dangers with a cool head. Actually, the word ‘cool’ is much to the point here because you’re going to oppose none else but an ice cream man. Why him, you may ask. After all, what’s the worst thing someone like that can do to anyone except for selling bad ice cream? Don’t judge by the innocent appearance of this man. He looks like a kind person who loves his job, but there are things hidden in his van that can make even the bravest player shudder. Just take a glance inside his fridge and you’ll see it’s not only ice cream he stores there… Once you step on that road, there will no way back. Are you ready to face all the trials and horrors of Ice Scream 5? Then let’s begin!

Your best friend is gone and nobody knows where he might be. It’s been several days now and it’s not like him to disappear without a warning. You start to get worried. Last time you saw him was near the ice cream van that recently appeared in your street. You think maybe the seller saw where he went next, so you go to the van to ask him. But some gut feeling tells you this guy can’t be trusted. So you change your mind and you decide to quietly peek inside instead. That’s when you find evidence suggesting that it was the ice cream man who did something to your friend. And now you just can’t rest until you find out everything and come up with a rescue plan.

Upgrade your detective skills in an effort to free your friend without becoming the next victim of the vicious ice cream man! You are going to travel through a number of locations, unravel a good deal of puzzles, cope with tremendous pressure, anxiety and fear, outsmart the villain and rescue the innocent guy who fell prey to his charm. And even if you fail to expose your enemy, you’ll have a great opportunity to spill out your anger and take your revenge on him by running him over on a car. A powerful charge of extremely vivid emotions is guaranteed! Play Ice Scream 5 online and feel chills running down your spine!