Ice Scream 4

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There is one thing in the world no child can resist – the merry tune coming out of an ice cream van. You probably remember running out into the street, eager to spend your pocket money on a huge delicious con. Especially when it’s sold by such a good-hearted, friendly man who seems to adore kids. Make no mistake – his feelings are far from warm. He is simply eyeing his next victim, hidden behind an effective disguise that puts him out of suspicion. But you saw him snatch your friend Bob and drive off before you could do anything about it. What are you going to do now? Nobody believes your story, the adults can be so stupid sometimes! You understand that if someone can save your buddy, that must be you. You need to stalk out that van, find a way to get inside and look for clues that will help you discover anything about Bob’s fate. This will be a perilous and challenging adventure. Do you think a little child like you can cope with it? There is only one way to find out!

The van will be moving between different locations where the maniac left his trace. Your task is to sneak in and sit there quietly until the ice cream man drives in the needed directions and leaves the vehicle to attend to his business. Then you can crawl out and start your investigation. Each location is different and that makes it highly exciting to explore them. There are plenty of clues that will lead you to the answer, you just have to keep your eyes peeled for anything unusual and outstanding. Like in all puzzle games, it’s about singling out small fragments from your surroundings and then put them all together to form a complete picture of what’s happening. Besides, you’ll find a bunch of objects you can interact with and use them to free Bob from the icy grip of the killer. You’ll know which stuff you need when you come up to them – if they can be of any use, you’ll a see a button on the screen indicating this is an interactive item.

Beware of the ice cream man – he’s very alert and attentive. Years of doing his dark deeds taught him to closely observe everything happening around, so he’ll be all eyes and ears. Even the slightest noise can give out your presence, so it’s in your best interest to be as careful as possible. You won’t be able to save your friend if the maniac is on to you – you’ll have your own life to take care of then. But at least you can track him down afterwards and hit him with a car to serve justice! There are many more surprises and challenges waiting for you in Ice Scream 4. Time to discover them!