Ice Scream: Horror Mobile

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One of your regular days ended really badly. You and your neighborhood friend were playing outside and then you heard the sound of the ice cream car. So you thought that getting a portion of nice and sweet ice cream is a really great idea. Why not? You run to the car, meet a friendly ice cream seller, he is being nice to you. When choosing an ice cream taste, you suddenly noticed that your friend is not around. And then a strange and creepy scene happened. You saw an ice cream seller and your friend in a pitiful condition – unconscious and frozen. The seller took him away from you and locked the door. Your actions are obvious – you enter the car and start searching for your pall. However, someone is searching for you in turn and this is an ice cream guy. He wants to implement his crimes in live without interruption and you are not welcome in mobile game for ios apk and android.
He might catch you as well and then you will join the other victims. Being frozen and nearly dead as they are. Well, you cannot allow this, because this way everything will end too badly. So you need to be careful and try to stay away from the seller. He will go after you, try to get you, and every noise you make can be fatal, so be quiet. There are puzzles to solve and they will help you move on. When you complete a puzzle, you open the way further, so be sure to apply all of your skills and do that correctly.