Ice Scream: Horror Full Game

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Nothing seemed suspicious to you and your friend when you approached to an ice cream van. This is so natural – children play in the yard, then they can hear the familiar sound and behold! The ice cream van is in the town, so why don’t you have some sweet treat? This is what you have been thinking when you saw the car. The day was pretty hot and everything that you wanted was a nice ice cream ball in a crispy waffle. When you were choosing the taste for yourself, you saw a strange picture – your friend captured by a seller of the ice cream who was smiling to you a second ago. What the heck? Your friend is not even breathing and looks like he is frozen from his toes to his head. Is he even alive? However, in full game version at this moment both of them disappear inside of the van and you keep standing on the street. You are shocked, but everything you can do now is entering the van and finding your fellow to bring him back. And yes, you really want to know what is happening here and who is this strange guy.
Once you make a step inside of the van, the adventure starts. The game combines different features. First, you will have to investigate the van and find the place where your friend is hidden. The seller will watch you. He knows that you are here and realizes that if you will leave the van knowing about his crimes, he will have great problems with the law. So he doesn’t really want you to leave. That is why, you need to do everything to stay away from him, which is very complicated – he can hear you making steps and if you will drop something, the ice cream maniac will appear right there the next second. Be quiet! Second, the game is puzzle-based. This means that you can only get closer to the victory if you will solve the puzzles correctly. There is a large amount of them and most are not that simple. As you move forward, the tasks become more and more advanced, especially if you have chosen a high level of difficulty. The combination of puzzles and survival will make you really alarmed. The perspective to get caught by a horrible guy will make your adrenaline level get really high, but you need to stay focused and concentrated. If you will panic, you won’t be able to solve the puzzles accurately. As a result, you won’t get to your friend and save him. Rescue your pall from the frozen sleep and claws of the monster and what is no less important – try to stay alive yourself. Let the horror story begin!